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OrganiCup OrganiWipes

39,00 kr
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OrganiWipes is used to clean your OrganiCup when you do not have access to clean water. Contains 10 wipes.

Contains alcohol denat.
OrganiCup OrganiWipes


When you set out to think about alternative solution, then you can get really far with a right vision and Idea. That was exactly the case for the team behind OrganiCup.

OrganiCup was founded in Denmark in the year 2021. Their ambition clear bell clear from the start, they wanted to create a reusable and sustainable menstrual product.
It succeeds with the silicone based OrganiCupthat can be used again and again, which therefore minimizes the amount of waste.

The team behind it has succeeded OrganiCup to create a loyal community that supports the movement towards a greener and more sustainable alternative.

Here are some facts that support very well the choice of a sustainable menstrual cup:
1. It takes 500 years for menstrual bandages and tampons to perish in nature.
2. You use 1 OrganiCup in 2 years, where you would have otherwise used 528 volumes or tampons.
2. So far OrganiCup saved the environment of 1300 tons of used bandages or tampons.

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