Miild Facial Cream Comforting & Caring

Miild Facial Cream Comforting & Caring -

Miild Facial Cream Comforting & Caring

This Miild Facial Cream is a nourishing and nourishing face cream. It fits all skin types and all ages. It balances and protects the skin. The combination of shea butter, coconut oil and algae extract makes the cream moisturizing with anti-age properties.

What Do You Get With Miild Facial Cream?

This is a protective and nurturing face cream, made up of sweet almond oil, algae extract, vitamin E, shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera and cucumber extract.

Benefits With Miild Facial Cream

– Contains vitamin E and sweet almond oil which is naturally rich in vitamins A, B, B2, and B6

– Contains extract from brown algae that naturally contains omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and prevents early aging

– Contains shea butter, which helps maintain skin moisture after use

- Contains antioxidant vitamin E


Shea butter
Sweet man oil
Algae extract


Distribute 1-2 pump in your face and down on your decolletage. Work it into your skin with light circular movements. We recommend using both the morning and evening.

A little tip

If you feel your skin is very dry for periods of time, mix the face cream with 1-2 drops of oil and add extra moisture to the cream.

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Shipping 6 euro
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