Miild Coverage Brush 02

Mill Coverage Brush 02

Miild Coverage Brush 02

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This brush has a great combination of a round, pointed and compact brush head. This makes it ideal for not only foundation and concealer, but at the same time it can also be used for powder products.

Pga. its pointed head, you can easily get into the corner of the eye as well as at the nose with your concealer. When you apply your product, do it in circular motions and thus achieve a light but comprehensive effect. If you want a higher opacity, you can apply your product by dabbing it on your skin.

Miild's brushes are handmade from the finest synthetic hair. They are soft and good at gripping the product. All Miilds brushes are made of synthetic hair, as this is the most hygienic and hypoallergenic.

We recommend that you wash this brush once a week.

Washing guide

Wet the brush, apply a dab of perfume-free shampoo the size of a 1 crown in the palm of your hand. Run the brush in a gentle circular motion around the palm of your hand until you can see the color from makeup residue coming out into the foam from the shampoo. Then rinse with water. Repeat until the brush is completely clean.

Lay it to dry overnight, by laying it down, over an edge so they can get air from both sides.

Avoid setting it up as the water can run down and loosen the brush hairs from the shaft itself.

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