Miild - 04 Eyeshadow brush

Miild - 04 Eyeshadow brush -

Miild - 04 Eyeshadow brush

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This brush is good for both applying, as well as blending and tone your eyeshadow. It has soft hair, and is oblique in its design, making it easy to work with. Put it on the flat side to get a lot of product on and an intense color. Hold it straight to blend and tone out the colour. You can also use it to apply contour and highlight to smaller areas such as the nose and upper lip.

If you have small areas you would like to cover with concealer, this brush can also be used. It's only your imagination that sets the limits.

Miild's brushes are handmade from the finest synthetic hairs. They are soft and good at grabbing the product. All Miilds brushes are made of synthetic hair as this is the most hygienic and hypoallergenic.

We recommend that you wash once a week.

Washing guide

Make the brush wet, apply a blob of shampoo with no perfume the size of a 1 crown in your palm. In gentle circular movements, run the brush around the palm of your hand until you can see the color from the make-up residue coming out in the foam from the shampoo. Then rinse with water. Repeat until the brush is completely clean.

Lay it to dry overnight, by putting it down, beyond an edge, so they can get air from both sides.

Do not set it up as the water may run down and loosen the brush hairs from the shaft itself.

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