HEVI Sugaring Heater

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HEVI Sugaring Heater

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HEVI Sugaring Warmer: A fantastic aid during suction treatment 
HEVI Sugaring Heat is designed for HEVI Sugaring 600/375 g. The heater holds the perfect temperature throughout the suction treatment. To make your sugar wax treatment easy and fast, this heater is an amazing helper. The heater is just right for HEVI Sugaring organic sugar wax which, unlike other wax products, moves the hair out with hair growth. It gives you a haircut that's less painful and the end result is better and better looking. Sugar wax is especially good for you who need a gentle alternative to shaving, epilator or traditional wax.




That's how you do it.


Your skin needs to be clean and dry first. If your skin is at least moist or wet, you may experience that the sugar adult is unable to attach itself. Therefore we recommend using HEVI Powder. which makes your skin completely dry.


Come. HEVI Body suction on 1/3 of the accompanying spatula. One side must be kept free of sugar, so it is easy to push in front of the spatula.


Place the spatula at the right angle on the skin and apply a thin layer. This is done against the growth direction. Scratch twice to three times to make sure all the hair is covered.


Put a strip on the sugar plum and pull it off with the growth of the hair, in a quick motion down along the skin. Not up or away from the skin! The process may be repeated up to three times in the same place until the desired result has been achieved.


Always stop using Pure benefit Aloe Vera (Chills, calms and reduces red anti-bacterial) and then Pure benefit Body Balm (Moists, tends and softens the skin).


All elements are cleaned with lukewarm water after each treatment. Now all that remains is to enjoy the feeling of a delicious soft skin!

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