Hevi Sugaring Roll on Sugar Heater

HEVI Sugaring Roll On Sugaring Varmer -

Hevi Sugaring Roll on Sugar Heater

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Hevi roll on sugaring heater, a warmer specially designed for HEVI ROLL ON SUGARING. Heats to optimal and comfortable temperature. Put in the socket - Ready after 20 min.

NOTE: Use only Hevi Roll on suction heater for Hevi Roll on Sugaring.

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About Hevi Roll on Heat
With this wax heater you can with convenience with your sugar cartridges, and make your hair removal routines much easier. Place one Roll on suction cartridge In the heater and put power there with the supplied wire.

When there is power to Roll On Sugaring Heater, a red light and the appliance is turned on.
When the red light turns off, the sugar auger is the right temperature and you can now start the hair removal treatment.
Remove the lid and seal before starting the treatment with Roll on Suction.
The heater is specially developed for Hevi Suction, as the heater is stronger, and the correct suction temperature is kept stable. It ensures the optimal treatment and perfect hair-free result.
It is recommended that the heater is only turned on when it is to be used.

Refill Roll on Suction - Easy, fast and efficient
Scroll and pull off, easy not? Hevi Sugaring has developed Refill Roll on Suction to you who need an effective hair removal, but will not compromise ,
What you inflict the skin.
Particularly good for the large areas of the body, eg. Ben and back.
Roll on suction heater is specially developed so that it holds a correct temperature throughout the treatment. Takes only 20 min. to heat.




Here's how you do it


Put DIN Roll on suction cartridge in the heater.



Hevi Sugaring Roll on Guide Step 1. Sugar cartridge in warms


Put power to the heater and wait approx. 15 min. Allow the power while working if possible. Roll on suction can keep the right temperature approx. 10 min.

Hevi Sugaring Roll on Guide Step 2. Power to the heater


Your skin must first be clean and dry. Therefore, it is recommended to use HEVI POWDERWho makes your skin completely dry. Already start in this process to work opposite the hair's grass.

Hevi Sugaring Roll on Guide Step 3. Powder in desired area


Ta 'the white lid and the seal of roll on the suction cartridge.


Hevi Sugaring Roll on Guide Step 4. Lids and movies of sugar cartridge


Roll sugaring on the skin, opposite  The hair's groret, and gluge over the same place a few times, so all hairs are well pasted.

Hevi Sugaring Roll on Guide Step 5. Apply against hair grass


Place a strip on the sugar and pull it off with the hair's grorle, in a quick jerk down the skin. The strip can be used several times in the same treatment.

Hevi Sugaring Roll on Guide Step 6. Strip HIV off with hair grass

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