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Ecooking Multi Oil

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Unique, multifunctional 100% organic oils. Same well-known oil – without perfume.

Ecooking Multi Oil is always used on moist skin and hair. It can also be used in dry hair to give hair more shine. Put a little oil in your hands and swipe over the hair from the scalp to the tips. Collect the tips and "dry" the last remnant of oil in the hair. It gives shine as well as care to the hair.

When cleansing the skin; the oil came on a piece of damp cotton wool and then clean. Use the same procedure when removing eye makeup.

When shaving; moisten the skin with lukewarm water and place the oil on the area you want to shave. Wait a moment and allow the oil to penetrate to soften the hairs (1–5 minutes).
Then shave normally with a razor. This avoids ingrown hairs, beard plague, as well as dry and sprinkling tibia. After shaving, lubricate the area with a little oil.

One product that can be used for many different things – we love ecooking. Multi Oil is a multiproduct consisting of a mixture of unique, multifunctional 100% organic oils. This contains exactly the same effective ingredients as the well-known Multi Oil – just without perfume. Therefore, it is ideal for the care of babies and children.

Use Multi Oil for example:

– Body oil applied to moist skin after bath
- Cleansing the skin
- Makeup remover
– Shaving for both men and women
- Intimate shave
- Hair cure
– Cure for dry and scaly scalp
- Massage oil
- Foot bath and tub
- Cuticle care
- Bath oil for babies and children

Multi Oil contains organic jojoba oil and organic sesame oil.

Vegan & dermatologically tested.

Make your own delicious body scrub by mixing a little Ecooking Salt with Multi Oil. This gives you the peeling effect from the salt, and the nourishing and softening effect from the oil.
After the bath, you can mix a little Ecooking Multi Oil into your body cream and achieve an extra softening effect on the skin.

You can also usefully apply the Multi Oil by dry and flaky scalp. Use only a small amount of fingers and dip in your scalp before washing your hair and scalp with shampoo.
Or gently dip it in your separation after the bath if you experience very dry scalp during periods.

Comes in 500 ml glass bottle with pump that you can reuse for other liquid products.


Sesame Indicum Seed Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil*, Parfum, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citronellol

* = organic

Ecooking Multi Oil


Combines efficiency with naturalness and ecology, so you hit SPOT ON on the vision for eCooking. Ecooking ensures that the users and the environment in the center, and even at prices, where everyone can participate. The products are Danish developed by an experienced Danish manufacturer. So experienced that this started with handling the products on a bottle. The products are for everyone - regardless of skin type, age or gender. Ecooking philosophy is that everyone deserves the feeling of well-being when using good skin care products.
Ecooking products are thus to you who just don't or get more pjat and advertising leaflets. The products are what they are called and try not to be more than that. Ecooking makes products both for men, women and children. Skin care is therefore not only reserved for women, as men's skin for at least equally high degree of skin care.

Delivery 3-7 days

Free shipping over 80 euro

30 days return policy