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Proactive skin care is important in allergy prevention. It means simple: look after your skin and avoid allergies!

Many choose skin care products that are naturlige, organic or vegan, the assumption is that this type of product is healthy and skin friendly.When it comes to skin care products and make-up, unfortunately this is not always the case.The vast majority of allergenic fragrances and perfumes are natural. 

With we have carefully selected all our products.

With us, you can only purchase the products that have been able to obtain a certification from AllergyCertified.When choosing products withAllergyCertifiedlogo, you can be confident that every ingredient in the product has been carefully reviewed and that a risk assessment has been carried out by experts in the field.

We always ensure you proactive skin mealsEprotection against allergies and future skin problems. 

                                                                 - the safe and sensible choice,♥


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