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Allergy friendly products only!
Here you will find a webshop only with Allergy Certified products. You will therefore only want hypoallergenic products in your shopping cart here on Your security for allergy-friendly products!
Our purpose with this webshop is solely to sell products that are certified by AllergyCertified. AllergyCertified is an international certification organization founded in Denmark in 2015 which has the toughest (best) requirements for allergy-friendly products.

When choosing allergy-friendly products with the AllergyCertified logo, you can be sure that every single ingredient in the product has been carefully reviewed and that a risk assessment has been carried out by experts in the field. AllergyCertified works to certify allergy-friendly products worldwide. When you see the AllergyCertified logo on an allergy-friendly product, you can be sure that there is the least possible risk of allergies. Read more here:

We are a committed team with great interest and knowledge in the field of allergy-friendly products, and we are passionate about being able to deliver the best quality of all allergy-friendly products to consumers both in and outside Denmark.


The team:

Kaspar René Nielsen, specialist and Ph.D. in the field of immunological diseases.

“I work as a chief physician in the clinical immunology department at Aalborg University Hospital. For a number of years I have had a great interest and focus on allergic disorders. Focusing on the causes of allergies and being able to actively contribute to reducing the number of people suffering from allergies is my motivation for this project. ”


Jacob Kramer Rydborg, IT expert with broad knowledge in project management, webshops and digital marketing.

"I am married to Mette and have 2 boys. When we lived in Dubai, we experienced that both boys got allergic reactions from "ordinary" products from the supermarket. My goal with this project is to help others avoid such experiences, among other things. by giving them a central place where all goods are hypoallergenic. ”


Mette Kramer Rydborg, primary school teacher with mathematics and sports as a major.

“I have always had a great interest and focus on health, and it is important to me that the products we use in everyday life do not cause discomfort. I have been living in Dubai with my husband, Jacob, and our two boys, and down there we unfortunately experienced several times allergic reactions after using non-certified products. I hope that with this business we can help reduce the risk of allergic reactions. "


Tina Rydborg Sørensen, primary school teacher with German and Danish as majors.

“Throughout my work, I have met many young people who have been severely affected by allergies, in addition, I am the mother of 2 girls who have had severe discomfort due to atopic dermatitis. I have a great interest in the field and want to spread knowledge about the benefits of using certified products. ”

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