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OrganiCup Developed by Allmatter's and is a sustainable alternative to traditional menstrual product.
OrganiCup Comes in three different sizes, making it a size that fits just for you. Here you will also find organiwipes and organiwash for maintenance of your OrganiCup. OrganiCup Developed by allmatters and is allergy caused, which means you can find the product here on zero allergy.

OrganiCup - Product size A (has not born vaginally)

179,00 kr  

OrganiCup - product size B (has given birth vaginally)

179,00 kr  

OrganiCup - Product size mini (for teenagers)

179,00 kr  

OrganiCup Organiwash

49,00 kr  

OrganiCup OrganiWipes

39,00 kr  

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